HAPIH won a prize at the B2Run race in Osijek!

B2Run business race in Osijek was once again an opportunity for colleagues to connect, strengthen team spirit, and promote the campaign “EU Chooses Safe Food”, whose ambassador in Croatia is the Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food (HAPIH).

Unlike last year’s B2Run races in Osijek and Zagreb, where running conditions were challenging due to high temperatures and rain, this year the temperature was much more pleasant. As a result, some employees from HAPIH’s centres in Osijek joined around 700 participants on June 15th, wearing t-shirts with the message of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) campaign, as they ran or walked five kilometres along the Osijek Promenade. Many renowed companies, among which were also well-known retail stores, telecommunication companies and marketing agencies joined the race with their slogans.

According to the organizers, B2Run is an internationally oriented race that focuses not only on winning but also on promoting a corporate sports spirit and a healthy lifestyle. Since health and an active lifestyle are central to the “EU Chooses Safe Food” campaign, a special t-shirt with a symbolic campaign message was prepared for the B2Run race. This effort earned HAPIH the award for the most creative team. Therefore, runners and spectators could read the slogan on the HAPIH team’s t-shirts emphasizing that science stands behind food safety and supports activities to reduce food waste.

“I am pleased that we participated in the B2Run race in Osijek once again, and with a significantly larger team, we supported the promotion of sports and the food safety campaign. It is especially rewarding to be recognized as the most creative team with the campaign slogan. Running, even though it is an individual sport, has once again shown how it can be team-oriented and bring us together, igniting positive emotions,” said the captain of the HAPIH team, Dr Jasenka Petrić.

To see how it looked on the field, you can check out the gallery of pictures below.”

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