HAPIH experts educating citizens about safe food handling

On Saturday, June 17th, at Bundek Park in Zagreb, experts from HAPIH’s Food Safety Centre joined food enthusiasts at the “Baš Naš” festival to educate them about kitchen safety rules and food waste reduction. They addressed several important questions, including how long cooked food can stand outside of refrigeration, how much food the average Croatian citizen wastes in a year, and the proper order for purchasing food in the store.

Visitors had the opportunity to test their knowledge of food safety in a quiz and win appropriate prizes for successful completion. At the same time, children participated in a workshop prepared and conducted by experts from the Croatian Association of Nutritionists, emphasizing that learning about food safety should start from a young age.

Through games, drawing, quizzes, riddles, crosswords, and similar activities, people of all ages had the chance to participate in the European campaign #EUChooseSafeFood, conducted by HAPIH in collaboration with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). The goal of the campaign is to educate those who want to learn more about food safety because we can truly enjoy the richness of flavours on our plates only when we know that the food we consume is safe. Croatia is one of the 16 Member States where this campaign is being implemented, and more information is available on the EU Choose Safe Food website.

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