EFSA’s Campaign at the B2Run Race in Zagreb

After a successful performance in Osijek, where our team won the award for the most creative slogan, HAPIH registered its team to participate in the B2Run business race in Zagreb. This provided yet another chance to connect with colleagues, bolster team spirit, and advocate for the #EUChooseSafeFood campaign, of which the ambassador in Croatia is the Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food.

In contrast to the B2Run race in Osijek, where running conditions were ideal, Zagreb experienced rain again this year, persisting throughout the race. Despite the weather, our team joined participants from 440 institutions who ran or walked the five-kilometre track around Lake Jarun on Thursday, September 14. After the official segment of the race program, there was a gathering of exhausted but satisfied participants in the relaxed atmosphere of the Run&Fun zone.

As per the organizers, B2Run is an internationally-oriented race that prioritises not only winning but also fostering a corporate sports spirit and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Given that health and an active lifestyle are also central to the #EUChooseSafeFood campaign, special shirts with the symbolic message “I throw myself into work, but I don’t throw food” were prepared for the B2Run race. This message aimed to advocate for the reduction of food waste, particularly since the majority of wasted food in Croatia originates from households.

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