With the aim of marking the World Food Day 2019, Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food (CAAF), on 16th October at 11:30 organizes a Round Table named “Healthy diet – an ever increasing challenge” as the first part of the 3rd Croatian Food Safety Risk Assessment Conference.

This years' World Food Day theme deals with increased obesity rate. Food intake affects our health on daily basis, however how much do we really think about it? Unfortunately, insufficient, due to accelerated lifestyle. We have less free time and eating healthy is a growing challenge. So today, we are witnessing the fact that over 670 million adults and 120 million children worldwide are obese, and over 40 million children under the age of 5 are overweight. As FAO calls for greater global commitment and joint action, HAPIH, by organizing this Round Table, seeks to encourage conference participants, but also the general public, to join in.

Active Round Table participants are the representatives of relevant institutions: Vera Katalinić Janković, PhD, MD, Assistant Minister (Ministry of Health); Katarina Dodig Ćurković, PhD, MD Head of the Institute for Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatry (Osijek Clinical Hospital Center); Jasenka Gajdoš Kljusurić, PhD, Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology; Silvija Canecki-Varžić, PhD, MD, Head of Endocrinology Department (Osijek Clinical Hospital Center) and Darja Sokolić, PhD, CFS, Croatian Agency for Agriculture and Food (CAAF).

Active discussion will be greatly contributed by professional moderation of our well known television and radio host and editor Mislav Togonal.

Promotional World Food Day 2019 video

More info on World Food day 2019 is available on official FAO web stranici.

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